License change to MIT-0

The CC0-1.0 license has been an issue for some users.
To resolve issues with CC0-1.0 we intend to change the license of postcss-preset-env and related plugins to MIT-0.

There is no internal motivation for this change and we do not benefit either way.
Our only goal with this change is to facilitate the use of postcss-preset-env and related plugins.

Please let us know if this change has the opposite effect for you.

At this time and from our perspective it seem as if this change will harm no one and will benefit some.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about this.

You can read more about the thought process :

What is MIT-0?

MIT-0 is a license that is functionally equivalent to the MIT License, but without the requirement for licensees to include the license text itself in their products.

What is CC0-1.0?

CC0-1.0 is a public domain dedication. Some legal systems do not recognize the concept of dedicating works to the public domain.

How will this change roll out?

We will create a new major version for each plugin that will include the license change.
We will hold off on feature work for a few weeks after this change.

If any reports are made that this change has an unforeseen negative impact on the community, we will revert the change and publish another major version with the original license.